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Can I select more than 1 type of verification option at the same time?

Yes, Applicant can apply for multiple document verification, Selecting multiple copies option at the same time.

What are the different Types of Verification?

There are in total 4 Types of Verification:-
* Marksheet Verification
* Degree Verification
* Transcripts Verification
* Second Year Marksheet Verification

How long will my request take to process my application for Verification?

Requests typically take 30 working days to process the application for Verification.

How do I know my application have been under process or not?

Any request will only be declined if the documents you have uploaded or details inputted are either incomplete, or unclear or invalid. In either of these situations, you will receive an email from us on your registered email id, stating the pending information required from your end. Once you upload or correct the following details and update the support staff regarding the pending information, the application will get processed.

How do I know my payment has been received?

As soon as your payment is received by Gujarat University, you will receive a receipt for the same on your registered Email Id. Applicant can download the receipt from the registered account, under My Application Tab.

How do I track the status of my request?

After Payment , Applicant must login on portal , with the same user id and password used for registration, and can track the status of their application, under My Application Tab on the left hand side.

On the website, my request shows as “Sent/ Delivered”, but I have not received my Verification Letter or My Institute / Agency / Employer have not received Email / Courier, what to be done?

In case of Sealed Cover Copy, Applicant / Agency / Institute / Employer must check their registered email, in the Spam or Junk folders in case the report has gone there. If still dont see the report, write to us at sfc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in if in case of courier option, if the courier had been sent and no one had picked it, applicant must track the status on the postal tracking ID, and if sent back, then must collect it from the University.

The transaction failed while I uploaded my request, but the money got debited from my account. What should I do?

Do not worry, we've got you covered! You will get a report of the same from our end on sfc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in

Applicant must mail the transaction details on email id and the team will look into the matter.

Can I ask for a refund once I have placed a request?

Unfortunately, no. The fees once paid are non-refundable, so applicant must pay only when sure!

I do not wish to follow the online process. Can I approach the University directly for my request?

This online process has been adopted by the University in order to make the processing of requests faster, hassle-free and transparent for students. With the adopting of the online process, Universities / Colleges will have stopped accepting any manual request.

In case of any queries / complaints / clarifications, whom should I approach?

You may write to us on verification@gujaratuniversity.ac.in , sfc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in through the Query Tab available on the left-hand side of the portal. By filling the form provided on the site which will be responded within 2 working days of receiving your query.

In first tab of selecting Verification Type , I have selected sealed envelope with number of copies as an option, but I am not able to proceed ahead, what should I do?

Applicant must select the Document type of Verification first. Applicant must select the document which they wish to verify and then select Sealed Envelope and number of copy if they wish to have.

In Education Details It gives option to select only 1 semester at a time, I wish to verify all semester marksheet, how can I do it?

In the first step, when applicant selects Marksheet, there will an option to input the number of Marksheet, if applicant wishes to verify more then 1 marksheet, then must input the number accordingly.

My Institute / Agency / Employer needs the Verification Letter over Email, doesn’t want Sealed Copy, what should I do?

Applicant, Institute, Agency, Employer must not select the Sealed Envelope option and In the Institute Details Tab, Applicant must input the Email ID of the recipient, to whom they wish to send.

I have paid the Fees but the Address / Email ID inputted by me, is incorrect or I need to change or add more, how can I update it?

Once inputted Email ID, Address, cannot be changed or added, in that case, applicant needs to re-apply for the same.

What are the Fees for Verification of Documents?

The following are the Fees for Different Type of Document Verification :–
* Marksheet Verification (Per Marksheet) – 109 Rs.
* Degree Certificate Verification (Per Degree) – 277 Rs.
* Transcript Verification (Per Degree) – 536 Rs.
* 2nd Year Marksheet Verification – 286 Rs.
If applicant want to have the Sealed Envelope Copy of Verified Documents, then the fees are 736 Rs. Per Sealed Copy.

I am unable to find my College Name / Course Name, how can I proceed ahead?

Kindly type correct Name Spelling , if in case still unable to find it , then contact the support staff at verification@gujaratuniversity.ac.in , sfc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in

My payment is getting failed, what should I do?

If your payment is failed, kindly check whether you have proper internet connection, kindly check whether there is enough balance in the account, Kindly check with bank for the same, if in case still unable to pay the fees, kindly try another payment mode option.

I have paid fees twice / the amount got debited twice, how can I get the refund back?

Kindly login, on the left-hand side of the portal, there is a Payment Issue Tab, applicant can input details, attach acknowledgment and the Support Staff will resolve the problem.

The details on my preview letter is wrong , how can I change it ?

Applicant can go to the respective tab , make the changes , save the details and preview the letter again , Applicant can make the changes before paying the fees.